Redevelopments are any changes made on a site with pre-existing uses. They can be enhancements made on sites to build more dense and energy efficient buildings in accommodating larger populations. Because of the increasing demand for housing, infrastructure, and services, redevelopments to add more density, reduce building size, and build more energy efficient buildings can play an important role in GHG emission reductions and resiliency.

cee-thumbnailImage of Landsdowne Mall, Richmond, BC (Credit: xx)

Renewable Energy Maps:

• Exploring types of renewable energy available on or near the site

• Calculating energy potentials of a site

• Comparing projected energy demand with existing energy demand of a site

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Redevelopment Scenarios and Real-World Examples:

• Scenarios of potential redevelopment options

• Existing examples of actual redevelopment projects

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Tools, and Resources:

• Tools that can assist in the work

• Resources to support your work

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Visualize redevelopment opportunities with renewable energy options

Identifying the potential to source local and renewable energy options are important design opportunities in redevelopment, not only to save cost in the long run, but to shift to low-carbon and resilient energy options in the future. Whether that’s a district energy system, solar, geoexchange, or others, they all lead to one goal: reduce reliance on fossil fuels and meet city carbon-reduction targets. Every community has a different mix of renewable energy sources. See your community's renewable energy potential with the options below:

Energy potential calculation of a particular site

Other types of renewable energy layers

Existing energy demand of a particular site

See redevelopment examples modelled in various cities across BC

These scenarios are designed to tell a story about what your community could be. These scenarios demonstrate ways to simulate energy and planning issues that may be relevant for your city or development site. Using powerful visualizations of alternative scenarios, users can see side-by-side comparisons of various energy options which engage your community in the conversation around renewable development and support decisionmaking.

Find tools and resources to help you get started in your community

Here is more information to help you get started on redevelopment planning and engagement. There are maps, scenarios, case studies, tools, and resources that can help with building a more low-carbon and resilient redevelopment.