Want to bring local, renewable energy
to your community?

Want to bring local, renewable energy to your community? Here are three ways to get you started.


Large Scale Redevelopment

Communities are looking at under-utilized sites - such as shopping malls - to build new homes and businesses. These large urban redevelopment sites have huge potential for local and low carbon energy choices.


Community-Wide Retrofit

Communities across Metro Vancouver are looking for strategies to “scale-up” energy efficiency upgrades for homes and other building energy retrofits. When a community retrofits together, it can have a big positive impact on carbon emissions and energy bills.


Renewable Energy Policy

Many cities in BC and around the world are constructing specific policies and programs to reach ambitious renewable energy targets, as part of the transition to the low-carbon economy. All BC communities have GHG reduction targets to meet - how do we develop renewable energy supply in municipalities, while creating a healthier and livable city?


Image of Climate Emergency Response (Credit: City of Vancouver)