1. CALP Resources

    1.1. Related to the Community Energy Explorer (CEE)

      Community Energy Guide

      • This guide shows how local involvement in community energy systems can promote more sustainable and secure energy futures: View guide

      CEE Brochure

      Developer's Guide

      • This guide provides communities outside of Metro Vancouver with information and resources to create a localized platform for exploring community energy.
        View guide

      CEE Initial Interview / Feedback Report

      • Feedback through interviews from various sectors relating to community energy and planning (conducted in 2018): Final report

    1.2. Other Relevant Resources

      Thermal Imaging

      • Prepared for the City of Vancouver with an overview and recommendations on the use of thermal imaging for energy efficiency retrofits that can promote the uptake of energy efficiency measures amongst homeowners. View report

      Energy Retrofit Bundling

      • Prepared for City of Vancouver, this report reviews existing policies and practices from other jurisdictions to identify the potential for implementing a building energy retrofit program for low-rise residential buildings in Canada. Specifically, the report focuses on the potential of single family homes in Vancouver to meet its carbon emissions reduction goals. View report

      Social Mobilization Research

      • Prepared for the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS), this report explains “what works” and “what doesn't work” in engaging the public and motivating people to act on climate change solutions. Included in this report is a brief summary of the BC context for social mobilization, as well as key findings from the literature on psychology of behaviour change, social movements, social learning and place-based approaches. View report

      Citizen Coolkit

      • The Urban Forestry Toolkit is a structured, visual and fun guide for people to engage their blocks on issues and solutions related to urban forestry and climate change. The project will develop tools and guides to gradually ramp up community engagement through conversations, maps, visioning and action. View Toolkit

      Future Delta 2.0

      • The Future Delta 2.0 (FD2) videogame enables real-time exploration and querying of local climate change scenarios in the player's own backyard, addressing issues such as sea-level rise, extreme weather, dikes, community energy, environmental refugees, etc. The game experience hopes to mobilize discussions around the realities of climate change, as well as stimulate action on possible adaptation and mitigation solutions.

2. Resources listed on the CEE website

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3. Additional Resources from Partner Organisations

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