Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP)

About Community Energy Explorer

The Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP) is an interdisciplinary research team at UBC that focuses on community-based research to develop solutions for sustainability and climate change. CALP brings rigorous science and modeling, environmental design, visualization media, and participatory visioning processes to planning low-carbon resilient attractive communities. CALP’s work applies innovative visual tools and videogames to engage community stakeholders, co-create knowledge, evaluate people’s responses, advance collective behaviour change, and develop new policies. Recent studies explore alternative futures addressing sea-level rise, urban forestry, renewable energy, and retrofitting neighbourhoods. Download our brochure or visit our website for more information.


Our Team

  • Alicia LaValle
  • Nicole Miller
  • Utkarsh Saxena
  • Joey Lee
  • Lukas Holy
  • Nikki Ng
  • Courtney Miller

Special Thanks to:

  • Leanne Sexsmith, Real Estate Foundation of BC
  • Jason Emmert, Metro Vancouver
  • Sara Muir-Owen, Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

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Department of Forest Resources Management, Faculty of Forestry

UBC’s Centre for Interactive Research and Sustainability

3321 – 2260 West Mall

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Lab telephone #: 604-822-4148

Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning