Welcome to the Community Energy Explorer!

Imagine a neighbourhood where efficient homes generate energy and share it with the community.
Imagine a walkable community, with local services and convenient access to transit in a region that uses renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. START EXPLORING

There is a pressing need for communities to meet municipal, provincial and global targets for greenhouse gas reduction through transformation in our energy systems. The Community Energy Explorer (CEE) is a web resource, designed to provide communities and citizens with information and tools for local energy planning and carbon emission mitigation. The long-term goals of CEE are to provide –

  • Evolving and up-to-date resources for community energy planning;

  • A platform for development of new and innovative engagement tools around energy in other neighbourhoods and municipalities.

Download the Illustrated Guide to Community Energy (initial phase of CEE & how we started iour community energy journey) to know more about the sustainable energy potential of your neighbourhood. And explore the website to know more!

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